Landing Page Bloopers and Best Practices

I’ve harped on the issue in the past, PPC ads that go to landing pages that make no sense or are horrible for the user.  Ion Interactive had a webinar today entitled “Landing Page Bloopers and Best Practices” which illustrated this point very well.  The number of these mis-matched PPC ad to the landing page is even more prevalent then I thought.  It seems to cross all kinds of companies from baby clothes retailers to marketing software companies large and small.

Serious bloopers include:

  • Sending users to an error page
  • Sending users to the home page
  • Sending users to a page that has nothing to do with the product or service in the Ad.
  • Ad info not matching the landing page information
  • No calls to action
  • Making users ‘search’ or click too many times to get to the item or service in the Ad.
  • Ad text mentions a promotion that does not appear on the landing page.
  • Information overload – Too much information without a call to action.

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