Top SEO Apps

SEO Goes Mobile

For many SEO professionals mobile devices have become important tools allowing them to work anywhere anytime.  Mobile apps for SEO are empowering SEO professionals to utilize their mobile devices to gain insights into site SEO metrics from anywhere.  And with the ever changing SEO world it is more important than ever to utilize all the applications available to get the most out of your SEO time.

All about the Apps

There are a number of SEO applications out there that currently offer some form of SEO analysis and reporting.  Many desktop SEO applications have begun to create mobile app versions that either encompasses all or some of the desktop version’s capabilities.  Many of these apps are Free or their pro versions are at a very low cost to download while others require subscription to their desktop versions in order to operate.  Obviously some are better than others and although none are truly all encompassing a combination of some of these apps can cover most of your SEO reporting and analysis needs through most mobile devices.

  • SEO Automatic app – Is an app made for both iPhone and Android that generates reports on organic ranking factors for any web site.  Running web page reports analyzing on page and off page ranking factors such as site speed, meta data and inbound links as well as detailed recommendations for improvements.
  • SECockpit (Search Engine Cockpit) is a keyword research tool available for both Desktop and Mobile (only for the iPhone).  SECockpit generates keyword ideas and automatically gathers and combines keyword mining data with the competitive analysis necessary to make keyword research decisions easier.
  • Website SEO Analyser app – Is a SEO tool set available for free through iTunes for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  This SEO app automatically analyzes websites and creates a report with a breakdown of both on page and off page SEO factors such as site speed, meta data and inbound links.  The SEO diagnostic analysis generated creates a detailed list of recommendations for improvement of your website.
  • SEO Search Ranking – Is a SEO ranking app available through the iTunes app store for iPhone and iPad users.  The app allows you to easily monitor the position of your site’s search engine rankings (SERP) for specified keywords.  You can analyze rankings for an unlimited number of keywords for as many websites as you’d like.  Allowing you to quickly access your Search Ranking information anywhere anytime for quick and easy analysis necessary for optimization recommendations.
  • WebRank SEO – Is an Android app that offers a free SEO competitive analysis of websites.  The app reports back website ranking, sociometrics as well as on page and off page such as site speed, meta data and inbound links as well as other SEO variables to give you a holistic view of your site’s total SEO rankings and unlike many other ranking tools it analyzes ranking across Google, Bing and Yahoo instead of just Google.
  • SEO SERP Tracker – Is an Android app that tracks your site’s website rank in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  Running analysis of keywords and their resulting website rankings are returned in the tool in a report that will allow you to get first hand quick results for your site’s search results.
  • SEOStats – Is an app available through the iTunes store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.  The SEOStats app provides quick SEO audits of any website for SEO ranking factors for both on page and off page factors such as site speed, meta data and inbound link.
  • SpyderMate SEO Scorecard – Is a Free Android app created to allow you to score any domain based on SEO ranking factors based on Domain Authority, Domain Back links, Traffic Value, Keyword Rankings and Sociometrics.  The SpyderMate SEO scores websites’ performance giving you a snapshot of your site’s overall SEO stats and identifies competitive advantages and weaknesses.
  • SEO Manager – Is a Free keyword analysis app that gives real time keyword rankings.  Unlike other rank checkers this one works for not only Google but other search engines as well.  The application allows you to track your keywords graphs and reports.

This list could go on and on but these key apps seem to cover most SEO reporting and analysis needs across the widest variety of platforms.

With the myriad of SEO tools available across multiple mobile operating systems it has become easier for SEO professionals to monitor and analyze SEO data for their websites anywhere any time day or night on the road or at home.  The changing face of the mobile is empowering SEO professionals to work no matter where they are.

Top Ten Social Media Apps

Managing all of your social media networks can be a chore.  Posting to just one social network on a regular basis can be a time consuming task let alone multiple posting to multiple social media sites.  And with the every growing number of social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Foursqure, Yelp etc. it could get very time consuming.  Thankfully there are Free and Paid Apps available to simplify the process of posting and managing social media accounts as well as analysis and reporting tools available.

Ten Social Media Apps for Businesses

  1. Hootsuite is free for up to five social profiles and works across a variety of mobile platforms including iPhone, Android and Blackberry as well as the desktop for Mac or Windows working on multiple web browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.  The Free version of Hootsuite manages up to five of any combination of the following social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Business, LinkedIn personal and LinkedIn Corporate accounts.  Hootsuite allows users to create a single individualized post per social network or a single message post across multiple social media networks.  The Hootesuite scheduling system allows users to specify time and date for their posts or allow Hootsuite’s algorithm to automatically make posts for optimal viewing time periods.  Hootsuite is the most integrated app to the largest number of social networks and the widest variety of both desktop and mobile devices.  There is a paid version for $9.99/month allows unlimited social profiles as well as access to additional features including reddit social news feed and StumbleUpon service, as well as basic reporting and analytics.  More integrated reporting and analysis is available on a monthly charge at a per report level or charges.
  2. Tweetdeck is a free web application for Mac or Windows working on multiple web browsers including Safari, Chrome and Firefox.  Tweetdeck is also available for Android user’s through the Google Play store.  Tweetdeck is one of the earliest twitter management apps and can manage multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts at once allowing you to monitor your feeds and display search results continuously.  This allows you to respond quickly to mentions of your company, brand or products made at any time.  Tweetdeck also has scheduling abilities allowing posts across social networks to be made at pre-selected time and dates.  Since its acquisition by Twitter, developers have improved usability and added features to Tweetdeck’s capabilities.  However, unlike Hootsuite, Tweetdeck doesn’t integrate Facebook Pages for Business, Google+, LinkedIn or any other social media outlets.
  3. Bizo Switchboard allows you to know who’s clicking on your shared links and the opportunity to engage them.  The Bizo Switchboard is a free web-based toolkit that enables shortening and published shared links that are trackable.  These trackable shortened links embeds a code in your shortened link that will aggregate data in the Bizo dashboard with standard metrics that will give you data on those who followed your links.  Find out the Geo location, referrers, total clicks, unique clicks and much more.  BizoSwitchboard also has a “brand bar” that will create branded shared links that you are sharing through social media channels, email, press releases, etc.
  4. Klout’s social media scoring dashboard analyzes social influence and assigns a score.  Allowing you to check out the scores of your followers to see their score across social media including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other account activities.  This dashboard score can be a great way to find top influencers and popular accounts.
  5. Topsy is a real time search system for social media updates.  Allowing you to build and monitor social media campaigns and topics.  Topsy aggregates information allowing examination of the latest Tweets, Google+ posts, photos and videos.  You can set email alerts for important keywords in order to monitor for your business, brand, or vertical.
  6. Birdsong is a desktop social media reconnaissance tool that gives you analysis and competitive insights into what brands are doing on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.  Birdsong provides information about when brands are active, who’s engaging with them and reports the activity and compares it to their competitors.  Birdsong helps you to identify opportunities for optimizing brands across social media channels.
  7. SociaLink is so new it hasn’t been released yet but is due to reach the Apple App store by the first week of December 2012.  This app was created by a trio of University of Arizona students to narrow down online connecting.  Utilizing Smartphone Bluetooth capabilities two people with the app connect through their phones which communicate each other’s acceptances of connections and relevant friend and follow requests automatically across selected social media accounts.  Connecting to non app users is simplified by using the email that links their social media pages together.  This will make sharing and connecting via social media simpler and faster than ever before.  SociaLink will allow for instant connections supporting Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.  If the app succeeds in the App Store the next step will be to create an Android app.
  8. SNOView makes maintaining multiple network sites simpler.  SNOView Lite is a clean and simple interface that allows users to integrate multiple social network accounts into one app to allow you to view news feeds automatically in one main screen.  Connecting your Facebook, Twitter and Google + news feeds simply and easily into a single app can make keeping up with your friends and followers much easier.  It is the perfect way to read all your news feeds from Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ but does not allow you to update your status or compose tweets.  Available through the Google Play Store for Android.
  9. Pinspiration is filling the gap that Pinterest has caused by not having an official app yet.  Pinspiration is available for Android and Windows Phones and allows you to post and pin Pinterest posts as well as check out boards and posts from fellow Pinterest users.
  10. AgoraPulse is a management tool for Facebook.  The AgoraPulse allows you to update your page and schedule updates as well as applications that will assist in growing your fan audience.  AgoraPulse collects data based on information related to your fan interactions that can be utilized for targeting specific offers to your fan base.  AgoraPulse also has detailed analytics that will give you an overview of how your page and posts are performing.  Different levels of service give you more statistics and information concerning your Facebook page but also competitors’ Facebook pages compared to yours is available.

Although there is no single App that works across all social media sites or has all the functionality you may need a combination of the above ten social media apps can streamline your social media marketing and management processes in order to make the most of your time.

Top Six Instagram Apps for Businesses

Put Instagram to Work for Your Business

Many brands already have hundreds and some even thousands of pictures of products, services, promotions and other concepts running through Instagram across social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare.  Since Instagram photo sharing is so simple across Facebook and Twitter have been the most notable social networks to utilize Instagram, but other social networks such as Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare can receive simple feeds from Instagram as well.

Six Instagram Apps for Businesses’

  • Ultraweather – Weather Forecasting meets Instagram in this app that features current weather conditions and precise forecasts.
  • InstaChimp – Connect your Instagram and MailChimp accounts to more easily share photos via email.
  • Instablast – This app will notify users when new Instagram photos are taken by their favorite Instagrammers.  Notifications alert them when new content appears in their feed.
  • Timehop – Links to Instagram as well as Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook to send daily email with social media posts from the exact day in history.
  • 52 Grams –  Imagine taking snapshots of outfits and tagging products in your photos thereby creating a personal lookbook.  Sharing that lookbook with others.
  • Insta-Great – Presents Instagram photos in a horizontal timeline.  Easily searchable via #tags.
  • Statigram – Instagram persona management tool that breaks down Instagram statistics and user information for users to maximize their posts.

Instagram is an unusual marketing tool that brings together photography, content and community to allow businesses to convey stronger and more relevant content for their audience that will become more engaged.

Top Web Analytics Apps

In this fast passed industry it is imperative to do a lot more while on the move.  That is no truer than in online marketing where web site analytics are vital to the lifeblood of online marketing.  Being able to access site analytics from any device at any time has spawned a variety of apps for both iPhone and Android markets.  Most are integrated with your Google Analytics account(s). Obviously some are better than others and although none are truly all encompassing apps a combination of them can cover most of your Analytics needs through most mobile devices.

  • Google Analytics – Is a Free Android app giving access to your Google Analytics profiles for real time statistics, customized dashboards and intelligence and reporting to your mobile device.
  • Analytics App – Is a Free application allowing instant, mobile access to Google Analytics for iPhone and iPod Touch users.  The Analytics App interface makes it easier to check and analyze site stats in your Google Analytics account.  This Analytics App gives you access to overview and detailed reports for deep analysis as well supporting multiple accounts, sites and logins.
  • mAnaltics – Is a Free handy Google Analytics app for Android users featuring easy to use login allowing you to view your website Google Analytics stats from any Android device.  Supporting multiple accounts and profiles to give access to Stats and charts and daily statistics.
  • Applidium Analytic – Is a Free iPhone app that allows you to monitor traffic to your various web sites through your Google Analytics Account(s).  Giving you access to summary information in graphis and charts form.  This give you a quick view of your site’s key performance indicators such as visitors, page views, bounce rate, etc.
  • Analytics Widget – Is a Free Android app available for online marketing professionals to track Google Analytics, Twitter and Facebook data.  Able to track key performance indicators through Google Analytics as well as aggregating Twitter and Facebook numbers.
  • GoAnalytics – Is a Free Android app for viewing Google Analytics stats on your mobile devices.  The client allows you to view your website Google Analytics stats across multiple accounts and profiles.
  • Desktop Web Analytics-Mobile – Is a Free Android app designed to visualize Piwik Analytics data on your mobile devices.  Able to support multiple accounts and create most reports available through Piwik.
  • I Spy Analytics – Is a Free Android app brings Google Analytics reports to your fingertips.  The tool tracks website metrics and real time information on the go.  The simple traditional reporting platform is easy to use with instant data on all your Key Performance metrics including Visitors, Traffic Sources, Goals, and Content.  The app makes it easier to access your statistics in a configurable dashboard across multiple accounts.
  • Analytix for Google Analytics – Is an Android app available for the modest price of $1.99, for visualizing Google Analytics Data in near real-time (hourly view).  Analytix visualizes Google Analytics data with graphics and charts allowing you to compare today’s results with yesterday or last week quickly and easily.
  • gAnalytics – Is a Free Android app that allows you to check your Google Analytics stats anywhere.  The gAnalytics app plugs into your Google Analytics account for easy access to your Google Analytics statistics and reporting.  Access to your Visitor, Content, Goals and Ecommerce data through your Android device for any set time period.
  • Analytics Agent Pro – is an applications that comes in a lite (Free) version as well as a modestly priced ($2.99) Pro version.  This app not only gives you the ability to check Google analytics but also your Adwords and Adsense data and tracks all your organic traffic.  Because Analytics Agent Pro is developed based on the Google Analytics’ API you are able to manage your Google Analytics from this app available for iPhone or iTouch use.
  • Analyics  – Is a Free iPhone app that supports multiple Google Analytics profiles with remote access that allows you to access your Google Analytics account anywhere, anytime.
  • Clicky Web Analytics – Is a Free iPhone app that allows you to monitor, analyze and report your web site’s traffic in real time.  The interface makes understanding your site’s traffic data simple.

This list could go on and on but these key apps seem to cover most website analytics and applications available across the widest variety of platforms.

Google Analytics has become the most valuable tool.  And with the availability of so many tools operating on multiple mobile operating systems it has become easier for to monitor and analyze website data for their websites anywhere any time day or night on the road or at home.  The changing face of the mobile is empowering online marketing professionals to work no matter where they are.